Event timeline

Below you can find a preliminary event timeline. Keep in mind this timeline is subjected to change based on the pre-registration information (number of participants), weather and other organizational conditions.

Daily timing:
Please no engine run before 9:00AM.
Team leader’s meeting each flying day at 9:00AM.
First round is planned 10:00AM.
Flights all day (until scheduled heats are done) with 1-2h lunch break.

Tuesday, 15.8.2023
Camping setup, registrations, model checking, test flights. Team leader’s meeting. Airfield and flight schedule preparation.

Wednesday, 16.8.2023
Opening ceremony, 1 heat WWII, 1 heat WWI

Thursday, 17.8.2023
2 heats WWII, 1 heat WWI

Friday, 18.8.2023
2 heats WWII, 1 heat WWI
Pilot’s party in the evening with dinner and live music!

Saturday, 19.8.2023
Semi and final rounds both in WWI and WWII.
Final closing ceremony with cups.

Sunday, 20.8.2023
Reserve day. In case of bad weather in the previous days flights or final ceremony can be postponed to this day.
Departure, airfield, and camping cleaning.