All participants of EASG 2023 must follow the latest international 2016 rules. You can access them here:

Please respect the rules and location specific safety measures!
EASG 2023 will be held on an actual airfield that’s used normally by general aviation and ultralights. We will have dedicated days and hours for our event and model flying. Please respect them for safety reasons!

We will provide tachometers, stopwatches, scales, and other model checking equipment.
Every participant will have to show the rule compliance of the models prior to the event start.

Paint your models and make them look scale! Use only allowed engines, E-motors, propellers, and other equipment! Be a good example and play fair! Safety first!

Participation requirements! IMPORTANT!

-Each participant must hold a valid EASA proof of registration and training for the open category by the EU Regulations 2019/947 and 2019/945.

If you can’t obtain this certificate by your national CAA you can get it form the Slovenian CAA on the link below. You’ll need a valid digital certificate to complete the training and registration.
The course can be done in English and has written instructions how to complete it on the website.

Children are welcome to join EASG! Be aware children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult when operating any RC aircraft! We will offer reduced registration fee for anyone under 16 years old when acompaniated by an adult competitor.

More information:

-Each participant must show a valid insurance policy for RC aircraft operations damage to persons and property of 100.000€ minimum sum.
If you don’t have such insurance, the best option we found is joining the MFSD club in Germany. Their membership fee (44€/year) includes 3M€ insurance.

By registering to the event you accept the terms and conditions below:
– Processing of personal data for this event organisational purposes only.
– Results will be publicly accessible in CoRe.
– Photo/video material from the event may be publicly accessible.
– Participation at own risk! Any damage or injury to others caused by you or your model airplanes is your responsibility!
– I declare I have a valid insurance and UAS license for the event.
– Registration fee is not refundable.
– Frequency only 2.4 Ghz.
– My remote control meets the requirements of the European Union.
– My models fit ACES rules.
– I am aware of current ACES competition rules and will respect them.

Any questions you might have about the rules, please feel free to ask before the event:

Please not like this! Safety first!